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What is Healthy Hair?

(Hair care Tips)

When we define Health it can be understood to be; the state of being free from illness or injury; a condition

In terms of Hair care, illness or injury can be related to as having split ends, brittle/dry hair, over porous/lacking luster, and/or poor elasticity/weak, fragile hair

All of these terms and more thus define the condition of hair as being in an unhealthy state

Healthy Hair  is hair that is well balanced in moisture and protein, creating pliable elasticity, and strength; Hair that receives and retains its natural shine due to the oils that are naturally produced by the sebaceous oil glands in ones scalp also aiding in the reconditioning and seal of the cuticle of hair; Hair that has been properly trimmed removing all of the split ends(which are the visible hair strands that are thin/creating a split in the hair shaft and can been seen through). 





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