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MIMI-MICHELLE took the road less traveled.​  Some would say that they chose their career and their passion, how ever in an industry that is forever changing and growing MIMI-MICHELLE is a part of the big wave.  The Beauty Industry.


MIMI-MICHELLE her path comes with great fortune, edging her way in a career path that opens doors as she treads her footsteps.  With opportunities presenting themselves as early as age 15 allowing her an early educational foundation within the beauty industry MIMI-MICHELLE started out as a shampoo assistant.  Working in one of New York s top MAll based salons where the feel of actually servicing clients, the passion and joy, became a reality. She gained recognition with Brand Companies such as Mizani and Soft Sheen Carson L Oreal companies, signing an Educational contract which allowed her to travel, educate stylist within various salons and also Freelancing with M.A.C. cosmetics expanding in creating beautiful paletes on individuals, building a level of confidence from within. Through these experiences 

MIMI-MICHELLE  has been compelled by her mantra which exudes, Beauty is Confidence...Dare To Be Different!  From those moments on a guiding force continues to be with her.  That motivation gives her the confidence to stand behind the chair, travel, meet great individuals, and continue to seek as much knowledge there is to know about the beauty industry. To date, her journey continues as she evolves in  Education, Brand Developing and Building Others.


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